The New Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung have now announced that they will be releasing their brand new, water resistant, 16MP, post focus control Galaxy S5 on 11th April 2014.

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s Office 365 is cloud-based. So all your emails, documents, contacts and shared calendars are always with you. And always up to date.

It’s easy to use and manage, even with no IT expertise.

  • Designed for all sizes of business, with different packages to suit you


Future impact of 4G for your Business

  • 4G has the potential to guarantee limitless ways of working.
  • Even small businesses can save on costs by using 4G

–      You will be able to purchase 4G dongles for your small team of employees, instead of using an expensive broadband service that eats into your monthly allowance.

  • Reports can be submitted instantly and wirelessly
  • Digital photo and video capture will simplify processes and reduce paperwork.
  • Working from any location, Why go into the office when you can go to the seaside and work from there, Faster mobile internet makes it possible to live your life how you want to


Advantages of Using 4G

The benefits can be split into two areas:

  • Driving productivity and efficiency by making what customers already do quicker, easier and better – for example flexible working, downloading and uploading content, transferring large files (and linking to Cloud storage solutions), sharing and collaborating on documents and remote access to virtual desktop.
  • Driving new behaviours – for example video on the move (training and briefings etc.), video conferencing, remote video customer service and m-commerce.
  • 4G will allow customers to embrace new, more effective ways of working and enable them to get closer to their own customers and employees – delivering increased engagement and an improved experience.

Mobile Broadband V Tethering

What is Tethering?

Phones that use the 3G network to connect you to the web in the same way as a mobile broadband dongle. So by connecting certain phones to your laptop, you’re able to turn it into a modem to go online.

3G mobile phones have been capable of tethering for some time, but the rise in popularity of smartphones like the iPhone, HTC Desire and the new Windows 7 phones has made it much easier to do.

How Much Does it Cost?

You won’t have to buy a mobile broadband dongle, but you might have to pay an extra fee on top of your monthly mobile line rental to use tethering.

A tethering add-on is unlikely to save you any money compared to a standard mobile broadband package that uses a dongle or mobile Wi-Fi modem.

However, enabling tethering on your phone means that you’ll never have to remember to take your dongle with you when you go to meetings or on long train journeys – simply plug your phone into your laptop and you’ll have instant internet access.

Mobile Broadband

However if you wish to go online more frequently, the mobile broadband dongle may be the solution for you.  There are lots of offers from o2 at the moment offering you a great mobile broadband package!

Before you sign up to Mobile Broadband it is advised that you check the signal strength in your area, otherwise you may be paying a monthly subscription for a poor signal strength. You’ll get two results  – one for the mobile broadband, and one for O2 Wifi hotspots. We treat everyone on O2 to thousands of wifi hotspots, on us. So you can get online without eating into your data.

If you are interested in the mobile broadband or tethering solution, please call Welcomm on 01858 410010

O2 Transformation Programme

Last year O2 and Vodafone announced plans to pool parts of their network infrastructure.This collaboration will mean better coverage and a faster network across the UK.

The network transformation rollout will focus on urban areas initially, upgrading the data network in the major cities where demand is greatest.

The network will be upgraded in clusters of about 10 sites. Each cluster will take on average a day to complete. As we move through a city, we will continue to monitor the network very closely and optimise the customer experience.

On the actual day of site upgrade, customers may experience some reduced coverage or capacity while the work is carried out – but we will try and minimise this where at all possible.

From 10th June we will be undertaking work in the following locations:
 – Bradford
 – Coventry
 – Nottingham
 – Leicester

For further information visit

Introducing the New Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry has undergone a great number of transitions in a short few years, not all of them good. The company was once synonymous with suited business types, due to push email and full physical Qwerty keyboards on handsets. The low price of BlackBerry Messenger — the subscription-based, unlimited messaging service — meant, however, that BlackBerry phones found their way into the pockets of teens who could chat on the cheap.

The rise of touchscreen phones on rival platforms, along with messaging services like iMessage and WhatsApp, well and truly rubbed the shine off BlackBerry and its keyboards, though. Its big refresh came in the form of the Z10, which sports a full-touchscreen interface. 

With its full Qwerty keyboard perched on the bottom, the Q10 is a return to the classic BlackBerry design. Match that with the latest BB10 software, a 3.1-inch Super AMOLED screen, a dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera and you’ve got a recipe for a great return to form.