London Oil Prices Dropped by 2% This Morning

The time to lock down your business’s gas and electricity contracts is here. Prices per barrel were at their highest in 7 months, but have finally dropped today.

The price of producing gas and electricity is directly related to the cost of oil. Therefore, a price decrease such as 2% can have a huge bearing on a business’s profit margin as companies spend thousands each year on gas and electricity.

Prices Predicted to Rise Again in June

“Other experts warned that this could prove short-lived” –

There are talks in the US that prices will be hiked up again in June due to the growing strength of the Dollar and predictions of strong inflation and employment. If these forecasts come to pass, the current deals offered by UK suppliers will no longer be available and companies could lose out.

How Can I Find the Lowest Prices Available Now?

The smartest way to lock down the best energy prices currently available is to compare quotes from many different suppliers. This can take a lot of time if you’re contacting companies one by one. When dealing with gas and electric, time is of the essence as prices can change monthly.

Welcomm Energy can help you take advantage of today’s rates by comparing quotes from 11 different suppliers on your behalf. We will seek out the lowest rate and report back on how much the new prices would save you over the year. The review is free, all we need are recent bills. We have always managed to save our customers money, but if you decide it’s not the right time you lose nothing.

energy suppliers

To get your free savings review, including prices which reflect today’s 2% price drop, email

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Written By Keegan Stanton


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