Tu Go App – Making Communication Easier

Following the launch last week of O2’s wifi app, TuGo, to O2 business customers, we look at the benefits this app offers.

Free to download, TuGo uses a wifi connection instead of a network signal to place calls and send texts, therefore customers that struggle to get a good reception at home or in the office, will now have the benefit of using their wifi connection to place calls. This app can also be used over 5 different devices, so if your mobile runs out of battery, or you have left it at home by mistake, you can turn on your TuGo app on either a tablet or pc to allow you to make a call or place a text using your mobile number.

When you use TuGo your call minutes and texts will continue to be billed out of your bundled minutes, making it easier to manage as it comes out of the same single bill and there is no change to your standard UK charges. This also applies if you use the TuGo app abroad, which offers you huge savings when making calls back to the UK or to other countries whilst you are outside the UK, as you are still charged at the standard UK rate.

The app is free of charge and easy to download from the app store for iOS, google play for android, windows phone store for windows 8 and online at tu.com for a PC.

Written By Keegan Stanton

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