The New Iphone 6 and 6Plus

Apple’s largest and thinnest handset yet, the iPhone 6/6plus also boasts to hold their most advanced technology. The operating system iOS 8 has been specifically designed with a larger screen in mind which, according to the Telegraph, enables users to have optimal camera settings when accessing social media sites. The handset also houses Apple’s newest iSight camera able to focus shots more quickly than ever before, as well as offering the user exclusive photo editing options. A huge improvement to the iPhone 6/6plus is arguably the added HD slow motion video recording, a real asset for capturing every millisecond of footage required for video messaging or apps which utilise this function (such as Snapchat or Facebook). Several apps review sites are also remarking on the new inbuilt Retina HD with dual domain pixels which really enhance one’s gaming experience. Playable apps are viewed with a wider angle and more intense colour – something which reduces the ‘stretched picture’ effect often found with currently designed phone apps. Additionally, Apple’s newest A8 chip within the handset speeds up functioning by 25%, increases Wi-Fi connectivity and improves data roaming. Something which is excellent considering battery life is said to be improved by 50% also.

As with all new releases, there are some negative reports. An infrequent, but tested and proven malfunction, is the report that the 6 plus model can bend when placed in a users’ front pocket. The aluminium outer casing can be malleable, although only 9 incidents have been recorded worldwide. Also, the model is not waterproof but a waterproof phone case can rectify this. When tested by Square Trade, the iPhone’s durability in terms of daily accidents was found to be similar to other smartphones. However the iPhone 6 did perform better than other Apple and Samsung handsets, indicating that this model has a lower risk of daily breakage. Lastly some online forums are indicating that the screen sizes are impractical, with then 6 model being too small but the 6 plus screen being too large. Arguably these initial predicaments are often overcome by frequent use.

Prior to purchasing it is key to note the differences between the 6 and 6s models including size, weight, screen contrast ratio and battery life. Comparable information can be found at:

Written By Keegan Stanton

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