Introducing Cloud: Lync becomes the service of choice for businesses.

Lync has been making headlines for some time, but now it is grabbing the business market share, we look at why businesses are deploying this hosted service.

Lync is the ideal platform if you looking to introduce hosted into your business, as it is a low cost solution that can either replace or complement your existing telephony service. Lync is a hosted solution that helps staff communicate more effectively through instant messaging (IM), presence (real-time status updates indicating when staff are available, busy, in a meeting etc) and HD video-conferencing. As a hosted service, it can be accessed anywhere, through an internet connection, providing staff with the flexibility to stay connected and communicate from anywhere, whether at home, in the office or out in meetings, generating more productive work hours.

Through the Lync Meeting feature, you can easily set up a secure online conference call or video call, and through this have the ability to share your screen, your presentation or an app, giving you the ideal platform to collaborate with suppliers, customers or staff. This offers huge cost savings for businesses in the working hours they gain and travel costs they save for not having to make long distance meeting appointments.

Lync won’t replace your PBX telephone system, but due to it’s features it has become the solution of choice for most SME businesses for IM (instant messenger), Presence and audio and video conferencing.  It is also because of this that Lync acts as an ideal disaster recovery back-up should your telephone system go down, as your business can continue to communicate internally and externally

From as little as £1.30 per month, per user, and no upfront fees, you can understand why so many businesses are moving their unified communications to the cloud.

For a full demo of Lync and to find out more, register for Welcomm’s free technical briefing on Wednesday 10th September. Register online. [link to

Written By Emily Murray

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