O2 Transformation Programme

Last year O2 and Vodafone announced plans to pool parts of their network infrastructure.This collaboration will mean better coverage and a faster network across the UK.

The network transformation rollout will focus on urban areas initially, upgrading the data network in the major cities where demand is greatest.

The network will be upgraded in clusters of about 10 sites. Each cluster will take on average a day to complete. As we move through a city, we will continue to monitor the network very closely and optimise the customer experience.

On the actual day of site upgrade, customers may experience some reduced coverage or capacity while the work is carried out – but we will try and minimise this where at all possible.

From 10th June we will be undertaking work in the following locations:
 – Bradford
 – Coventry
 – Nottingham
 – Leicester

For further information visit www.o2.co.uk/network