o2 Local Priority Moments

Yesterday, o2 launched a new local business priority moment scheme.

Priority Moments is free of charge, an easy to use online portal which allows businesses to create, manage and promote offers direct to thousands of O2 customers in their area.

This service allows our customers to promote and grow their business for free. They can:

  • Reach new customers 
  • Boost revenue and footfall
  • Be more effective in their marketing

Research is telling us that our customers want help growing their businesses without having to be an expert in Marketing.

So, o2 have set up a self service online tool that allows independent businesses to create and publish offers (or Moments) for Priority Moments users to see.

Moments published using the Priority Moments portal will appear on Priority Moments via the mobile web, as well as via our app available on iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Blackberry phones.

And as the Priority Moments service is location based, O2 customers can now find great deals near them, no matter where they are.

For more information visit  www.o2priority.co.uk/local

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