Landline Service

Helping you Join Up Your Communication:
With Landline from O2 our customers can take advantage of the same premium level of customer service and value for money across both their mobile and landline services. In addition this means only one bill for your communications solution.

The Benefits of Landline from O2:

1. Free calls Promotion.

To save you money on your calls, we are offering a bundle of 200 minutes of calls to O2 mobiles from your O2 ISDN lines.

Calls to a mobile from a landline typically cost a business 40% of their total bill, therefore this promotion can offer you significant savings.

UK calls only. Applies for the life of your contract. Minutes are shared by all your landlines. Terms and conditions can be supplied upon request.
2. Competitive line rental

Only £11.50 per month if you are taking a landline and already have your mobile contract with us.
Alternatively £13.50 per month which includes 200 inclusive minutes of calls to O2 mobiles each month.

3. Call bundles

O2 have a selection of mobile and landline call bundles to help you plan your monthly bills and make huge call savings on your call rates. With costs to O2 UK mobiles as little as 1.5p per minute and calls to landlines at only 0.69p per minute.*

See all Call Bundles available. 

*On the 50,000 minute bundle.
O2’s Landline Benefits:

  • Free calls to O2 UK Mobiles (200 minute bundle available)
  • Competitive call rates from a wide selection of Call Bundles.
  • One bill for your joined up communications.
  • One Account Manager, a consistent customer service and Support experience.
  • Set up specialist available to get your landlines up and running.
  • Simple to switch on new lines, or transfer your existing line.*
  • On-time Guarantees – If we don’t transfer your landline or ISDN line on time, we will offer the first month of your bill for free.**
  • All lines come with Caller Display, 1471 – see the number you called last and 141 – hide your number when you call.

*Line transfers need to be from an existing BT line.
**This applies to your monthly subscription. Terms and excessive usage policy apply, see

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