Going Abroad

Going Abroad


Using your phone when you go abroad doesn’t have to be a huge expense. O2 has plenty of bolt ons and options to make calling abroad and calling from abroad cost effection.

For the standard call charges please see below.

O2 Travel

From July 2012 you can use your mobile in Europe without worrying about huge bills. Talk for longer and use the web without worrying about over spending, with O2 Travel which puts you back in control.
How does O2 Travel work?

O2 Travel offers you beneficial call and data rates within the EU countries (zones 1 & 2)

Data: Only be charged at £1.99 for the days that you use data in Europe – and you can use up to 25MB a day.

Call Minutes: You can also use your UK minutes when making calls and there is a simple connection charge of 50p for all calls made and received in Europe. Calls you received are free up to 60 minutes. Terms apply.

Who can have O2 Travel?

O2 Travel is available to all business customers with UK call minute bundles. Therefore it does not apply to customers on PAYU tariffs, Mobex, Mobile Broadband, iPad & Data Only Tariffs. If you are eligible for O2 Travel, you can sign up as soon as possible or remain on the standard roaming rate. You can revert back to standard roaming rates once you have signed up to O2 Travel at any time by calling us to confirm.

Standard Roaming prices for Europe

If you don’t want O2 Travel, you can choose to pay our standard rates in Europe by simply sending us a text:

  • Just text NOTRAVEL to 23336
  • If you want to move back to O2 Travel at a later date, please call Customer Services on 202 from your mobile.

O2 Travel Charges:

  • Calls back to the UK and within Europe – 35p per minute.
  • Receiving calls in Europe – 11p per minute.
  • Texts sent to the UK and Europe – 10p (free to receive).
  • Sending a media message – 25p.
  • Data is £3.07 / MB.

Standard International call charges outside of Europe: (ex VAT)

World Zones Calling to the UK from included countries (per min) Calling within Zone (per min) Calling out of Zone (per min) Receiving a call (per min) Sending a text Sending a media message
Non-EU 81p 81p 179p 52p 30p 21p
Eastern Europe 90p 90p 179p 39p 25p 21p
USA and Canada 60p 60p 179p 43p 30p 21p
Rest of the world 120p 179p (120p in country) 179pp 85p 40p 21p

Rates are stated in pence per minute, and apply all day. Prices stated exclude VAT.

For calls made in Western Europe the minimum duration is 30 seconds, then charged in one second increments, rounded up to the nearest penny. For calls made elsewhere the minimum duration is one minute then charged in 15 second increments. All calls received while abroad are charged in one second increments, rounded up to the nearest penny. All prices shown are per minute and exclude VAT

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