Blackberry Solutions

BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS)

BlackBerry® Internet Service is the ideal starter solution for small and medium businesses that don’t have their own email server, or use web-based email accounts that are provided by an ISP. The BlackBerry® Internet Service software allows you to integrate your BlackBerry® smartphone with up to 10 different POP3 mailboxes or similar web-based email accounts. BlackBerry® Internet Service is an ideal option for businesses who want to trial BlackBerry® or are looking to set themselves up with a quick mobility solution.

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES)

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is designed for organisations that have an on-premise email server and require a high level of IT control. It provides a proven secure and highly versatile mobile platform on which to mobilise your business and your business services.

BlackBerry®’s Push email technology is designed to deliver messages and information to BlackBerry® smartphones in seconds. This helps ensure that the information on a user’s BlackBerry® smartphone is automatically updated with the information on their computer. Email, calendar entries, contacts, tasks and memos are all kept up-to-date.

Server software and hosted services also compress and optimise data before sending to BlackBerry® smartphones, making it one of the most efficient smartphone solutions. It’s designed to provide quick delivery times, long battery life and low per-megabyte data charges – especially when roaming, making BlackBerry® the ideal cost effective solution for businesses that travel regularly.

BES offers 450 IT policies offering the ability to remotely wipe stolen handsets, wireless updates and being able to control internet access to name a few. Therefore providing your business with the highest level of IT control and advanced functionality.

BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express (BES Express)

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express is designed for small and large businesses that have an on-premises mail server. BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express is free software that mobilises company email and data with a BlackBerry® smartphone to provide it’s users with mobile access to your organisation’s resources.

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express supports AES and Triple DES encryption to protect and ensure the integrity of wireless data that is transmitted between the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express components and BlackBerry® devices.

You can configure IT policy rules to control the features of the BlackBerry® devices that are used in your organisation’s environment.

You can manage the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express, BlackBerry® devices, and user accounts using the BlackBerry® Administration Service, a web application that is accessible from any computer that can access the computer that hosts the BlackBerry® Administration Service. You can use the BlackBerry® Administration Service to manage a BlackBerry® Domain, which consists of one or more BlackBerry® Enterprise Server instances and remote components that use a single BlackBerry® Configuration.

BES Express offers many of the benefits, proven security, synchronised push email and features available from the BES service, without the cost of installing a separate server. BES Express is a low-cost and secure option for businesses that want to connect both corporate-liable and individual-liable BlackBerry® smartphones to company email.

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