Mobile Solutions


There is so much more to mobilising your work force than simply offering voice and data on the move.

With mobile technology evolving at such a rate, Welcomm ensures we are always on the cutting edge by partnering with some of the leading mobile technology solution providers in the industry. Our comprehensive mobile solutions portfolio is designed to make your company more efficient, flexible and profitable whatever your business.

Help your staff to work more efficiently on the move with the latest smartphones, including BlackBerry and iPhone, which offer multiple time savings functionalities: Synchronising your business emails, calendar entries and contacts securely across your business smartphones, improves your staff’s productivity.

Improve the way your staff work whilst in the field, whether it is to allow them to access your customer records on CRM whilst on the move with Support Desk Pro solution or send hand written documents from the field to head office in seconds with Destiny Pen solution. We also have solutions that help to manage your staff and fleet more efficiently by monitoring their location at any given time with the latest Vehicle and Asset Tracking or provide additional security and care to your staff in the field with lone worker protection from SitexOrbis.

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